This Pocketable Power Bank Can Fully Juice Your iPhone 3+ Times

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No matter how many improvements manufacturers make to smartphone batteries, it seems like they always fall a bit short of expectations. And that’s why we’re big proponents of adding some way to juice your tech as a part of your everyday carry. That’s never been easier thanks to the Zendure SuperMini power bank.

Virtually the same size as a credit card, this portable battery is an easy out-of-the-way addition to any loadout. But don’t let its size fool you; this tiny charger packs a wallop — boasting a 10,000mAh capacity (enough to fully charge the iPhone XR 3+ times). It also boasts 18W fast-charge capabilities, meaning you can charge your phone to 50% power in just 30 minutes. It’s even got a low-power X-Charge mode that will let you safely power wearables, like your favorite fitness tracker. That’s pretty impressive for a power bank that’s 30% smaller than its similar competitors. Pick one up via IndieGoGo for $34.

IndieGoGo: $34+