Zeiss ZX1 Mirrorless Camera

International technology enterprise Zeiss has unveiled its very first digital camera. However, to stand out from the heaps of digital cameras on the market, Zeiss teamed up with Adobe to build Lightroom CC into its camera, giving users the opportunity to run wild with their imagination and have absolute editing control on the spot.

The ZX1 compact digital shooter has a full-frame 37.4-megapixel sensor and a fixed 35mm f/2.0 T lens, keeping up with Sony’s RX1 and the Leica Q. It shoots at 3fps, which isn’t bad for a high-resolution sensor, and captures video footage in 4K at 30fps and full HD at up to 60fps. As for the body of the camera, it has a triangular grip and a spacious 4.3-inch multi-touch display with a curve so you can shoot and edit photos with ease, elevating your photography. It has 512GB of internal storage, which can hold 6,800 RAW files in DNG format, according to Zeiss. It’s set to arrive at the beginning of 2019 but there’s no pricing information yet.

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