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Zeiss Is Finally Releasing Its Photoshop-Equipped Full-Frame Camera

Two years ago, Zeiss championed its very first full-frame digital camera with Android connectivity. In the time since, the platform — dubbed the ZX1 — was seemingly lost in translation, with no release date in sight. Over the weekend, however, the company revealed that the long-awaited launch would actually take place this year; within the coming months, even.

Thanks to the recent listing of the ZX1 on B&H, it seems that the rumors are true. For those of you who don’t know, the camera is Zeiss’s first full-frame model established under the “Shoot, Edit, and Share” ethos. Since it runs on the Android operating system, users will be able to capture amazing stills with the camera’s 37-megapixel sensor and fixed 35mm f/2 lens before editing them on an integrated version of Adobe Lightroom. Since you’ll be able to utilize the ZX1’s 4.3-inch touchscreen for your cropping, recoloring, and correction needs, on-the-go editing will become easier than ever. Since it features a suite of built-in technologies like Wi-Fi and USB-C, you can transfer your finished photos directly to your phone, computer, or smart device without having to tether up. Head to Zeiss’s website to learn more, or head over to B&H Photography to sign up for stock notifications. The camera is slated to release in the coming months for $6,000.

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