Zapata Flyride Aerial Jet Ski

A long while ago, we highlighted Zapata’s Water Hoverboard – a single-rider aerial vehicle powered by a hydrojet. Well, it looks like the brand has been pretty busy refining their tech and paring it into some other, more versatile formats – like their new Flyride aerial jet ski.

Like the hoverboard, the Flyride requires being hitched up to another personal watercraft; in this case anything with 155-400 horsepower (though over 300 is recommended for the best performance). What you get, however, is a 2-seater flying craft capable of soaring over the ocean at up to 22 mph. What’s even better is that it’s now equipped with a brand new EZ-Flight Control System that allows you to take off from beaches or docks, stabilizes itself inflight, and can even do a controlled barrel roll at the push of a button. This incredible flying machine can be yours starting at $5,500.

Purchase: $5,500