Zanella Caniche Bobber By Republica Motocicletas

Few custom motorcycle companies are as humble as Argentina’s Republica Motocicletas, who have proven time and time again that their passion for building badass bikes and staying true to their clients’ vision go hand in hand. Their most recent build is a self-proclaimed magnum opus from the squad — an intrinsically mesmerizing Zanella Sapucai dubbed “Caniche.”

The 150cc Zanella bobber was the perfect candidate for a makeover from the crew, donning a slew of hand-machined parts like lights, pegs, and gnarled grips. A custom tank, as well as twin fuel lines from a 1987 Harley Davidson, were thrown into the mix — promoting a true craft motorcyclist’s dream by meshing as many small, intricate details as possible into one elegant build. An old bicycle seat from a bygone era adorns the frame of the bobber and pays homage to the classic English motorcycles of the 1940s. Custom brake and headlight surrounds provide a futuristic touch, alongside an utterly devious two-tone paint job that blends black tonal ranges with a deep, red tint that’s only visible in the daylight. Golden logo work accents the silhouette of the bike, while a hand engraved engine block and aluminum fuel cap round out the boisterous build.

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