Zagato 356 Carrera Coupé

Combing through the library for inspiration is standard go to research strategy for designers, because you never really know what gem you might dig up. While scouring their personal archives for documents to help influence the creation of their Speedster, Zagato stumbled upon a set of drawings that would spawn a sibling in their Porsche 356 Carrera Coupé, that they have now made in a limited run.

The Italian automaker is adding their idea of a Porsche 356 Carrera Coupé to their Sanction Lost line of limited production vehicles. Zagato had to use their imaginations a bit when executing these builds, as there were no physical examples to base their recreations from, only the old drawings and schematics recovered from their archives. With a design and build process that took so much energy to achieve, the limited run of 9 units will make for a few lucky owners that have already purchased these beautiful cars.

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