YShoot Sport Pack Slingshot

For what seems like forever now, slingshots have been the weapon of choice for mischief makers in the U.S. As times have changed, however, so has the weapon. Just take the above for an example. If Tom Sawyer grew up and joined the Army Rangers, we’re pretty sure he’d equip himself with this YShoot Sport Pack Slingshot.

Made from a tough polycarbonate and weighing in at 1.6 ounces, this thing is small enough to slide into your back pocket but powerful enough to do some damage to cans sitting downrange. In addition to being small and effective, it’s easy to operate out of the box. The elastic bands are included and the handle features a magnetic strip to keep your stainless steel pellets close at hand. Just save everyone the hassle and try not to aim at windows, you may get stuck painting fences as punishment. Prices are set at just $30. [Purchase]