These Playing Cards Pay Homage To Nintendo’s Pre-Video Game Era

Before becoming the video game console giant and the household name that it is today, Nintendo had its hand in a myriad of business endeavors, with some being much more unexpected than others. This includes things such as operating “love hotels” — which may or may not have had ties to the infamous Yakuza clan — and making kid’s toys. The company got its start, however, by producing handmade Nintendo playing cards in 1889 — a practice that would continue until almost 1950.

To honor this early chapter in the now-iconic electronic’s manufacturer’s illustrious history, fellow Japanese outfit, Yoshida & Co. has been commissioned to create an officially licensed replica of vintage Nintendo playing cards. This limited edition run of playing cards pays homage to Nintendo’s first-ever Western-style decks that were first released in the firm’s native domestic market in 1902 and features 1960s-era PORTER logos and Nintendo branding. Rather than being sold in a cardboard box, the 52-cards come tucked inside a bespoke-made PORTER-logoed rubber band. Produced in half a dozen different color options, the Yoshida & Co. Bespoke Nintendo PORTER Playing Cards are available now, with pricing set at approximately $18. To learn more, or to order your own deck, you can check out the link below.

Purchase: $18