Yolk Solar Paper

If you’re not embracing solar power yet, here is another reason to get behind it: the Solar Paper by Yolk.

The Solar Paper is the world’s first solar charger that is thin enough to fit inside a notebook or planner, as it is paper thin and ultra lightweight. In fact, it’s so lightweight that it can easily be clipped to a backpack for convenient charging while you’re on an adventure. It’s reliable and incredibly easy to use, and it even automatically resets itself when a cloud passes overhead so that you can keep charging your devices. It all begins with a simple 5 watt Solar Paper that is capable of charging your smartphone on a sunny day, and users are able to add more power by adding magnetic panels to it. With more panels, users are able to charge bigger devices (like a tablet) or charge their smartphone on cloudy days. A 5W Solar Paper can be purchased on Kickstarter for $69 each, with an expected retail price of $120. [Purchase]

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