Yeti Silo 6G Water Cooler

How about some water cooler talk? We all know that Yeti is known for its incredibly armored coolers. They’re the perfect rugged, insular item to take on camping trips and on adventures. Applying that same dedication to impermeability, Yeti is unveiling an equally durable water cooler, called the Yeti Silo Water Cooler, and it’s making a splash.

The Silo cooler is a major step up for portable water coolers. Outfitted for extreme conditions – as Yeti is wont to do to their products – it’s safe to call the Silo the toughest water cooler on the market. It’s also the most likely to keep your water ice cold, and with 6 gallons of storage, its one of the more capacious available for purchase. Designed to open like a traditional cooler, it’s a breeze to drop a bucket of ice in with your water. Forged from the same rotomolded armor they used to produce their ice-retentive and tough-as-nails Tundra cooler, the Silo is one of the most effective at keeping water cold. Everything about this cooler is strong, from the industrial-strength Steady Steel handles to the ruggedized fast-pour spigot. At 16 pounds empty, its a heavier load than most – but after an exhausting hike, The Silo’s insular properties will make that extra weight well worth it.

Purchase: $300