YETI LoadOut Utility Bucket

It could be said that the sign of true innovation is taking something that needs no improvement and making it better anyway. At least, that’s what we’ve gathered from YETI’s latest release. With their newly announced 5-gallon LoadOut, the famed adventure cooler brand has taken a swing at the classic utility bucket. And, sure enough, they’ve made it better.

Simple in its format, this bucket is constructed from high density polyethylene – a petroleum-based thermoplastic – that’s tough enough to haul just about anything you can fit in it. Whether you’re moving fishing gear to and from your boat, looking for a simple storage solution, or just bailing some water – the LoadOut will get the job done. What’s even better is that it’s completely food safe, so you can toss your fishing haul in it, too. Over-engineered and built to last, this $40 offering is a bucket, only better.

Purchase: $40