YETI Just Built The Ultimate Dog Bed For Home & Travel

As anyone who has owned a dog can tell you, finding solidly-built gear made to last is a tough prospect. But, as can be seen in their legendary coolers, creating nigh-indestructible gear is what YETI does best. And now they’ve applied their expertise to what just might be the ultimate dog bed.

A follow-up to the surefire success that was their Boomer Dog Bowl, the YETI Dog Bed is as simple and straightforward as it is insanely durable. Comprised of two parts — an internal, removable padded mat and a pad-rimmed base — this canine sleeper is comfortable and easy to clean. Better still, if you want to hit the road for a while, the removable mat can be taken along as a travel bed, to be put back into the base whenever you and Spot get home from your adventures. Built to last a lifetime (or three), this $300 pet accessory will be available for purchase this fall.

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