YETI Expands Its Bag Collection With 8 Pieces Of Rugged Travel Luggage

Since getting its start as a maker of premium coolers, YETI has branched out to become one of the premier players in the outdoor gear space. That evolution continues with the brand’s new Crossroads Collection, which represents YETI’s first foray into the world of luggage.

The collection covers a lot of ground, with pieces to fit just about all of your packing needs. There’s a trio of backpacks in 22, 27, and 35-liter sizes, all of which feature a minimalist design and plenty of convenient pockets. There are also two duffels in 40 and 60-liter sizes. These are built to hold their shape and include divider panels and modular compression straps, making them ideal for longer trips. Next is the really serious travel gear in the form of two rolling suitcases: one in a 22” carry-on size, and the other in a 29” checked-bag size. Rounding out the collection is a series of travel cubes, sold separately in small, medium, and large sizes. As to be expected from YETI, this gear is built to handle pretty much anything, with everything but the cubes being made from durable and stain-resistant Tuffskin Nylon. The bulk of the YETI Crossroads Collection is available to order now exclusively at YETI’s website.

Purchase: $25+