Yerka Project: The Unstealable Bicycle

Every second (Hey! Stop that guy!) a bike gets stolen. Not cool. So that’s why we admire the moxie behind the Yerka Project, a new bicycle that has the balls to bill itself as pretty much unstealable. Come on, crooks; we dare ya.

The trick is the frame is the actual lock, so the only way to steal it is to break the lock, which pretty much breaks the bike. The makers say securing the bike to a sturdy pole or whatnot takes less than 20 seconds, and we imagine unlocking it happens just as fast. No word yet on when it’ll go from project to product, but we’re all for anything that smacks thieves away from our stuff and back into their holes. [Purchase]

Yerka Project- The Unstealable Bicycle 2

Yerka Project- The Unstealable Bicycle 3