Yecup 365 Smart Mug

The laws of physics kind of suck sometimes; primary example being that we can’t fly when we feel like it, second being that cold objects don’t stay cold during hot days and visa versa when it comes to warm. A group of designers and engineers in San Francisco are hoping to find a workaround with their Yecup 365.

Billed as the wireless mug for all seasons, it’s equipped with internal hardware that works in conjunction with an app (or buttons on the mug) to heat up or cool down your beverage. This means that on cold days, you can bring water to a boil for tea and coffee, while also being able to cool down your favorite sports drink on hot summer days. With a stainless steel construction that charges on a wireless port, no-leak lid, and USB port for juicing up your phone when you need it – this is a great mug to keep close on hand. The mug retails for $150. [Purchase]