Yeah Bitch! 15 Awesome Breaking Bad Gifts For Fans

Breaking Bad Gifts
Since first premiering back in 2008, Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad has gone on to become one of the most popular television shows to ever hit the small screen. Like many of you, we have tuned into AMC every Sunday for years, watching the evolution of Walter White, starting as the cancer stricken high school chemistry teacher, to becoming Heisenberg, the genius drug kingpin of the southwest. Alongside his partner in crime Jesse Pinkman (with some help from the likes of Saul Goodman), the two have made millions of dollars selling meth over the past few seasons – but as we know, all bad things must come to an end. With the final season of Breaking Bad set to kick off this Sunday evening, we thought there was no better time to detail 15 of the most awesome Breaking Bad gifts available. Yeah Bitch!

Blue Sky Rock Candy

1. Blue Sky Rock Candy

They may use a different chemical process to get that blue color, but their product is every bit as pure. There was a brief time that Walt and Jesse were cooking things up in the lab with pseudo, but it was when Heisenberg began cooking up the 99.1% chemically pure Blue Sky crystal methamphetamine that they really had themselves a solid product. Now you can get your hands on this 4.5 ounce baggie of Blue Sky candy, inspired by Albuquerque’s own. [Purchase]

Walter White Bobble Head

2. Walter White Bobble Head

Bobble heads have always been a hot commodity, and now Walter White has received the popular treatment. The 6 inch Walt figure comes rocking his iconic hazmat suit along with a removable pair of glasses. [Purchase]

Jesse Pinkman Keep Calm Bitch T-Shirt 1

3. Jesse Pinkman Keep Calm Bitch T-Shirt

There’s no way we’re putting together a list of the best Breaking Bad gifts without including something with Jesse Pinkman’s classic “Bitch” line. Playing on the popular “Keep Calm” slogan, this unisex t-shirt shows a portrait of the once small time drug dealer along with the words “Keep Calm Bitch” across his face. [Purchase]

Goorin Bros Heisenberg Hat

4. Goorin Bros Heisenberg Hat

As Walt began making the transformation to the almighty Heisenberg, there was one thing that always separated the bad Mr. White from the good one (visually speaking at least), and that was the top hat. This officially licensed piece is a perfect replica, and is limited to only 1,895 pieces worldwide. [Purchase]

All Hail The King Poster

5. All Hail The King Poster

The man, the myth, the legend. Pay homage to the one who knocks with this badass “All Hail The King” poster. The poster measures in at 24″ by 36″, and sees Heisenberg atop his throne, surrounded by both product and cold hard cash. [Purchase]

Heisenberg Shot Glasses

6.  Heisenberg Shot Glasses

If there’s one thing your kitchen can never have enough of, it’s shot glasses. Next time you’re pounding shots, do so while looking at Heisenberg’s mean looking mug with this officially licensed Breaking Bad shot glass. [Purchase]

Breaking Bad Plush Toys

7. Breaking Bad Plush Toys

Now you can have your own stuffed versions of the dynamic duo with this set of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman plush toys. We’d like to see some more characters added to this set in time, but would be content if they would just release a Gustavo doll. Tuco Salamanca would be pretty awesome as well. [Purchase]

Bathing Bad Blue Bath Salts

8. Bathing Bad Blue Bath Salts

Inspired by the Blue Sky meth from the show, these bath salts were created to relax away the bad. Created by the team at Great Face and Body, each 8 ounce bag has been stamped with awesome, Breaking Bad inspired branding. [Purchase]

Respect The Chemistry Beaker Mug

9. Respect The Chemistry Beaker Mug

We all know Mr. White’s mantra from Day 1. He was all about respecting the chemistry behind the cook. This borosilicate glass constructed beaker has been stamped with the famous slogan, using the same periodic table branding as the Breaking Bad logo. [Purchase]

Breaking Bad LEGO Minifigure

10. Breaking Bad LEGO Minifigure

LEGOs and Breaking Bad in one – what more could you ask for? Dubbed the “Chemistry Enthusiast,” this minifig is modeled after the one who knocks, right down the instantly recognizable yellow hazmat suit and blue gloves. [Sold Out]

Walter White Cufflinks

11. Walter White Heisenberg Cufflinks

Quite possibly our personal favorite item on the list of Breaking Bad gifts, these handmade Heisenberg cufflinks are made from a high quality, durable plastic that has been coated with a clear varnish to ensure that they can withstand the test of time. [Purchase]

Breaking Bad Action Figures

12. Breaking Bad Action Figures

Sure we’ve already covered bobble heads and plush toys, but these are action figures. There are three figures, all of which showcase Walter White in different “states.” You have the classic Walter White in his underwear from his early days, the evolving Mr. White with his newly shaved head, and of course the Heisenberg everyone knows in his hazmat suit. All three action figures were created by Sideshow Collectibles sculptor Trevor Grove. [Purchase]

Breaking Bad The Complete Series DVD Collection

13. Breaking Bad The Complete Series DVD Collection

Although there is a still a second half of the final season left to air (starting this Sunday of course), there will be a Breaking Bad ‘The Complete Series’ DVD set released shortly after the final season. This box set will include all 5 seasons on both DVD and Blu-ray, and will also include a 2 hour retrospective Breaking Bad documentary. Keep in mind that the photo above is not for the official box set, but rather just the first 5 seasons up to this point. [Purchase]

Los Pollos Hermanos Food Seasoning

14. Los Pollos Hermanos Food Seasoning

Gustavo Fring used his Los Pollos Hermanos fast food chicken chain to distribute Walt’s Blue Sky meth to customers all throughout the southwest. While those days are long gone, we still have a soft spot for Gus and “The Chicken Brothers” chain. This four pack of spice blends (Greek seasoning, seasoning salt, chicken season, salt free spice) comes complete with the famous branding. [Purchase]

Breaking Bad Minimalist Art

15. Breaking Bad Minimalist Art

Every Breaking Bad fan needs some solid artwork to showcase to their love for the AMC show throughout their household, and this collection from the United Kingdom based Creative Ticket is one of our favorites. There are several pieces to choose from in the collection. [Purchase]