Hookie Co. Redefines Yamaha’s XSR700 For The Yard Built Showcase

When it comes to the customization of one of Japan’s premier naked bikes, Hookie Co. doesn’t like to play by the rules. After being approached by Yamaha to outfit the company’s very own XSR700 for the upcoming Yard Built motorcycle show, the Dresden-based outfit decided to deviate from the “traditional” expectations of the collective — creating an adversarial, modern-day moto kit in the process.

Over the past few years, the small but efficient team at Hookie Co. has made quite the name for themselves through the creation of beautiful one-off bikes, channeling some of the industry’s most modified platforms to produce builds that are truly out of the ordinary. Staying in line with the company’s extensive portfolio, the team opted to create a bolt-on kit (instead of a completely new customization) to expand upon the XSR700’s existing framework. Nearly all of the bike’s original attachment points, pieces, and characteristics remain intact, with the addition of a custom-tailored aluminum fuel tank and angular acrylic panels being the primary draw for the cycle. LEDs mounted underneath the translucent panels serve to illuminate them at night, while the XSR700’s fabricated rear-fin setup borrows heavily from its front-end counterpart. A custom aluminum headlight nacelle adorns the bike’s front fascia, providing a stark contrast to the newly-adopted waterproof Alcantara seat that follows closely behind. As with most of Hookie’s customized bolt-on kits, this specific setup can be purchased for your own modification endeavors — if you’re interested, feel free to reach out via the company’s website.

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