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This Lawn Robot Does Everything Needed To Maintain Your Property & Yard

Maintaining a yard or lawn involves putting in an immense amount of work, requiring one to spend hours a month laboring away in the dirt. Advancements in technology are now changing this reality, as a growing number of smart lawn and garden care systems have been hitting the market — the latest of which is the AI-powered all-in-one Yarbo Yard Maintenance Robot System.

While smart lawn mowers are nothing new, the Yarbo manages to raise the bar with a complete and highly modular lawn care system. Powered by a high-torque brushless motor and equipped with a tank-style rubber track that can traverse almost any terrain and climb slopes as steep as 68 degrees, the entire system is based on what’s called the Yarbo Body — a modular main device that can be paired with a variety of modules. This includes the Lawn Mower M1 module which features a 20” track, the Snow Blower S1 module which can clear out up to a foot of snow and blow it up to 40’ away, and the Blower B1 module which can blow away leaves and other lawn debris using 119mph of air power.

On top of the trio of primary modules, Yarbo also offers a slew of other optional accessories and add-ons such as a tow hitch that enables the Yarbo Body to pull a dethatcher, a lawn roller, a lawn sweeper, or a tow-behind dump cart. On top of smart obstacle detection, the system also offers multi-zone management that allows the user to program paths with no-go zones. Utilizing 4G LTE connectivity, the Yarbo system also features built-in anti-theft protection and is sold with an RTK base station and docking station that the smart lawn gadget can pilot itself back to when it’s time to recharge.

Having already surpassed its targeted goal more than 40 times over, the Yarbo All-In-One Yard Maintenance Robot System is currently available on Kickstarter with prices starting from $2,599 for the Yarbo Lawn Moder M1 and deliveries slated to begin in May of 2023.

Kickstarter: $2,599+

Photo: Yarbo