Yamaha XV1000 ‘Bertus & Brutus’ By Wrench Kings

Making a single superb custom motorcycle is quite a feat. But making two excellent examples, let alone a pair that are exactly the same in every way is another endeavor entirely. But that’s exactly what the folks at Wrench Kings have managed to do with their Yamaha XV1000s ‘Bertus & Brutus.’

Found collecting dust in the back of FortaMoto’s shop, these bikes were made identical to one another. And that might not seem that impressive until you consider what that entails. These bikes each have a Benelli tank that seamlessly transitions to the seat, thanks to the custom work of master blacksmith, Marcel van der Stelt. They were also stripped down and equipped with new subframes, forks from a pair of Suzuki GSX-R 1000s, new specially spoked front wheels, clip on bars, open air filters… the list just goes on and on. Finished in a stunning combination of black and gold, these bad boys are two of a kind. [H/T: Pipe Burn]
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