Yamaha XSR700 ‘Flying Phantom’ By Rough Crafts

Most of the custom motorcycles we see are built upon the whims of the customers who contracted them. And while they can certainly be breathtaking works of art, sometimes we like seeing what the custom bike builders would make if they were creating a bike for themselves. And that’s exactly what we got in the Flying Phantom by Rough Crafts.

Built with the brand’s first production sample of the “FasterXSR” kit they created for Yamaha, this XSR700 is a bike that the builders would happily ride around upon. It derives its name from the pair of Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp tires on which it sits – which are mounted to carbon fiber Rotobox wheels. This badass bike has also been fitted with a CNC billet “8” headlight and a titanium tailpipe – along with Beringer Brakes hand controls; Gears Racing rear shocks; and Motogadget grips, a mirror, and turn signals. Well done yet again, Rough Crafts.