Eastern Spirit’s ‘649’ Is A Bespoke Hard-Tailed Custom Moto Masterpiece

For the majority of the last decade, Eastern Spirit Garage has been building its name on churning out top-notch cafe racer projects, with that being the only genre the Polish customs outfit has employed thus far. But ESG has proven it’s far from a one-trick pony, deviating from its usual MO to tackle a hard-tailed Yamaha bobber.

Starting life as an XS650 Special — an early ‘80s chopper-esque “factory custom” version of the twin — the one-man operation has treated the popular Japanese two-banger to a bespoke rigid chassis complemented via a tractor-style saddle held with punched-out gussets and sprung with a mountain bike shock. Adorned in a full black on black livery — inducing the build’s disc wheel inserts, brake calipers, antique headlight shell — the XS sports a variety of gold and brass accent elements, including pinstriping on the tank, chain, velocity stack screens, finned engine covers, and hardware. The revised cockpit is now running custom-made clip-ons fitted with inverted levers while the foot-controls are now handled via a set of custom brass rear-sets. All in all, ESG has proven without a shadow of a doubt that no matter what genre it’s tackling, it can deliver in spades.

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