Yamaha Wabash Gravel E-Bike

Yamaha is widely accepted as one of the world’s premier motorcycle builders, offering a slew of dynamic two-wheelers that can tackle nearly any terrain on the planet. While they’re not entirely recognized for their motor-less two-wheeled platforms, the company has taken a step into a much more comfortable realm with the Wabash Gravel E-Bike.

Blending their trademark electric drive bike technology and expertise in dual-wheeled vehicles, Yamaha has unleashed a 500-watt, pedal-assisted e-bike onto the world of off-road cycling. A PWSeries SE electric drive system and bar-mounted computer display provide an intuitive ride system that simplifies shifting and varying levels of pedal assist, while also displaying information on the speed, travel distance, and remaining charge of the bike. The Wabash’s Triple Sensor System provides the cyclist with an in-depth analysis of rolling speed, pedal revolutions, and power generation during their journey. A maximum speed of 20 miles per hour and four different levels of pedal assistance ensure that no matter the terrain, you’ll consistently stay at the head of the pack.

Purchase: $3,500