Yamaha Type 11 Prototype Motorcycles By Auto Fabrica

Known for their one-of-a-kind renowned style and sleek futuristic overhauls, there was no doubt in Auto Fabrica’s mind that they’d participate in yet another Yamaha Yard Built series when presented with the opportunity. This time, however, they’d utilize the classic character of the Yamaha 900cc Triple as the foundation for two of the three prototypes with the Yamaha 750cc as the canvas for the third and final iteration.

As shown below, Auto Fabrica dubbed the project Type 11 – including Prototypes 1-3 – that works to explore the boundaries of both craftsmanship and conceptual design. At their core, each of the three prototypes pushes the workshop’s design and production capabilities to the next level through building this series of progressive conceptual alternatives to the status quo. All three prototypes were first conceptualized as sketches before receiving that iconic Auto Fabrica “treatment” including the likes of carbon fiber racing seats, aerodynamic aluminum fairings, 3D-printed components, and beautifully sculpted fuel tanks in pure Auto Fabrica fashion.

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