Yamaha TRX 850 by Seb Hipperson

As coveted as it may be, the Yamaha TRX850 was rarely seen on this side of the pond. Typically the bike was reserved of European roads, serving as an unattainable asset for North American bike fanatics. We haven’t seen one of these in while either, so when builder Seb Hipperson built this clean TRX850, we were giddy on seeing one these Ducati-inspired bikes built in such a manner.

First off, Seb looked to build upon the bike’s already race-friendly style, situating an old Iola-style fairing from the early 70s -appropriate considering the bike’s inspiration- before fitting a small headlight in the piece. The newly welded tube under the new rear end of the bike was also hand bent, resulting in a tighter subframe, and beneath the seat is a small tray that houses all the electric bits and pieces. The Stan Leather seat now sits comfortably within the new handmade rear end along with embedded LED lights. A master cylinder, new forks, broader swingarm, wide back wheel and tuned-up 270-degree parallel twin engine coated in satin black all work to bring this bike out of obscurity and back into our affections. [H/T: TheBikeShed]