Yamaha SR250 By Auto Fabrica

Like transforming a can of tuna into a gourmet meal, turning a 1982 Yamaha SR250 into something to savor takes a lot of talent and determination. We don’t know how good they are with Chicken of the Sea, but the crew at Auto Fabrica was more than up to the challenge in creating a beautiful commuter bike.

With the SR250 featuring a simple single cylinder engine, the mission was clearly to drop the weight and pretty it up. Everything was stripped down, with just the frame, engine and fuel tank surviving the first cut. Fresh handlebars were put on, along with a new headlight, custom seat, blinkers and new speedometer, while the same cut of attractive leather trim adorns the seat, handlebars, and kick starter. A pair of knobby scrambler tires were also put on for good measure, so as to toughen the lil guy up a little.

Yamaha SR250 By Auto Fabrica 2

Yamaha SR250 By Auto Fabrica 3

Yamaha SR250 By Auto Fabrica 4

Yamaha SR250 By Auto Fabrica 5