Deus Ex Machina Brings The Flat Track To Milano’s Rustic Streets

Two-wheeled vehicles have always garnered a reputation for recklessness, but for many, the exhilarating feeling of gliding through a city’s tight corners is worth all of the potential blood, sweat, and tears. When it comes to personalized “purpose,” however, boutique moto brand Deus Ex Machina does it best — dialing in this Yamaha SR 500 Street Tracker for everyday use.

It’s not often that we see a track-inspired cycle on the paved roadway, especially when we’re talking about the cobblestone-lined streets of Milano, Italy — but Marco Renieri’s tailored project is certainly a sight for sore eyes. After witnessing prolific flat-track racer Marco Belli tame his very own two-wheeled beast years ago, Renieri quickly enlisted in a comprehensive course revolving around the sport — and interestingly enough, Belli would provide instruction. Renieri cited divine intervention, and with the help of motorcycle customizer Deus Ex Machina, his aspirational street tracker was born. A donor SR 500 was acquired, modified, and retrofitted with a number of street-faring parts, including a Discacciati brake system, Keihin FCR carburetor, SDG aluminum rear swingarm, and an Ohlins rear shock absorber. To round out the bike, a minimalist SC-Project exhaust system, hidden custom electrical work, and a handsome modified rear subframe provide all the aesthetic cues of a modernized track racer.

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