Yamaha Motoroid AI-Powered Motorcycle

In anticipation of the Tokyo Motor Show taking place at the end of the month, Yamaha is bringing us a handful of concepts and newly-released rides that look to take the sport to new heights. For example, this futuristic-looking bike – dubbed Motoroid – employs artificial intelligence to create a unique experience for the rider.

That’s right, this bike utilizes a mind of its own to facilitate what the Japanese refer to as Kando – the simultaneous feeling of deep satisfaction and intense excitement when encountering something of exceptional value. Clearly, Yamaha is onto something here, seeing how this bike is purposed not only to recognize its owner but is slated to interact with the rider much like a living creature. Sounds borderline crazy we know, but there seems to be some comfort involved in riding a bike that’s supposedly positioned to look out for your best interests. That, of course, coupled with the fact that this aggressive street bike looks like something straight from a Transformers movie.

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