Yamaha Motobot

Our quest to make everything run autonomously or be controlled by a robot will never end, and Yamaha’s newly unveiled Motobot is the next step.

The technology debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show, and the company showed a humanoid robot riding Yamaha’s 1000cc R1M. The company’s goal is to develop a robotic rider that can ride an unmodified motorcycle competently on any racetrack. The reason this technology is being worked on is to improve the safety of motorcycles in the future, as Yamaha will be able to test new technologies at speeds too dangerous for humans to ride at. Right now, it appears as though the technology is in its early stages, with Yamaha noting that the “task of controlling the complex motions of a motorcycle at high speeds requires a variety of control systems that must function with a high degree of accuracy.” Watch the video below.

Yamaha Motobot 2

Yamaha Motobot 3

Yamaha Motobot 4