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Yakima Evolves The Classic Trailer Hitch With A Modular Cargo Storage System

Hitch systems have been widely utilized for decades, providing automobiles with supplementary storage and towing capabilities, though the cargo experts over at Yakima have managed to hugely push the tow hitch envelope with the introduction of its highly-modular new Exo cargo system.

The entire innovative system is built upon the Yakima EXOSwingBase, which connects to a standard 2” hitch, and serves as the structural basis for the rest of the system. Items like the EXOTopShelf and EXO GearLocker provide additional storage space that can easily be accessed, partially thanks to the EXOSwingBase’s articulating arm. The EXO DoubleUp and EXO SnowBank provide a simple means of transporting bicycles, skis, or snowboards, plus there’s also an EXO BackDeck that provides a large table space for preparing gear or cooking food, and an EXO GearWarrior that can be fitted with optional wheels to be utilized as a portable cart. The EXO cargo system can be configured in dozens of different setups, based on the specific needs of the user. To learn more about the Yakima EXO Cargo System, you can check out the company’s website linked below.

Purchase: $499+