Yachtbau & Norm Design The Quintessential Luxury Yacht

Jul 10, 2019

Category: Living

Normally, luxury yachts are nothing to shake a stick at — they’re beautifully built, immaculately designed, and impeccably dressed, making them the primary subject of many a sailor’s distant dream. But what happens when a renowned architecture firm and yacht builder join forces to create a one-of-a-kind nautical wonder? Yachtbau and Norm Architects have decided to find out.

Germany’s prolific yacht designer, Yachtbau, and the Danish design and architecture firm, Norm, have partnered for a bespoke example that looks to blend each discipline in the best way possible. Utilizing Y/Yachts’ model Y7 as the foundational vessel for the ambitious project, Norm opted to accentuate the boat’s underpinnings through the implementation of tactile surfaces, natural materials, and matte finishes. Everything from customized wood paneling, furniture, and walls, all the way to aesthetically-pleasing interior design practices have been brought together to create the quintessential, sea-faring subject. Aside from looking great on the water, the tailored Y7 boasts one of the most mesmerizing interiors we’ve ever seen — a calming space, supplemented by subtle hues of tan, brown, and white — bringing denizens an aura of inviting solace as they head below deck.

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