Y-Shaped Multi-Tool by Crank Brothers

Trouble can strike at any time while mountain biking, whether it’s an unseen rock finding the inner tube of your tire, or a mountain lion cutting your brake line. That’s why having a tool on you is always smart. Crank Brothers, a California-based mountain bike component retailer, is offering two clever Y-Shaped Multi Tools that should provide some extra peace of mind.

The Y12 ($29.99) and the Y16 ($49.99) are both triangular bike multi-tools nestled inside a compact carrying frame. The Y12 includes a storage container for personal items, patch kit, six different hex sizes, Philips and flat screwdrivers, plus Torx t-10 and t-25 wrenches. The Y16 lacks the patch kit and storage container, but adds a CO2 pump head and a chain tool, as well as the other tools included in the Y12. Both are lightweight and can easily fit in a seat bag or pocket if need be. [Purchase]