XVenture XV-3 Off-Road Trailer

An adventure trailer is a wonderful thing to have if you don’t own a crazy-big expedition vehicle. They allow you to haul all the gear you need behind a relatively normal SUV or truck. Problem is, most of the time, you still need a very big vehicle to do the hauling. Not the case with the XVenture XV-3 off-road trailer – this one is small and light enough to tow with a small SUV.

It accomplishes this feat by being constructed entirely of super lightweight aluminum, but it’s still durable and tough enough to weather whatever expedition you take it on. It’s also DOT compatible in all 50 states, features fully wired electronics, comes equipped with a 50 AH deep cycle battery and charger, and has plenty of cargo space. On top of that, you can add on a number of optional features, including and 18-gallon water tank system, a roof rack kit for mounting a tent, a propane tank system, and more. Each one of these miniature adventure trailers starts at $9,995.

Purchase: $9,995+