Xterrain500 Electric Fat Bike

Meant for tackling sand, snow, and the worst conditions and terrain on the planet, fat bikes have become a common sight on dunes and in the frozen tundra. Though a few manufacturers have managed to make relatively successful electric fat bikes, not one has accomplished what the Xterrain500 does: allow for a full 10-inch wide tire to be strapped to the front.

The immense tire size is meant to give a lot of surface area and therefore a load of float to the bike. About twice the size of traditional fat bike tires and more than three times the tire you get with a mountain bike, the end result is an electric vehicle that can deal with soft surfaces without bogging down or getting held up. Powered by a 48-volt battery that straps to a 500-watt motor on the rear hub, this has plenty of power for dune riding and snow bank hopping. See it in action below. [Purchase]

Xterrain500 Electric Fat Bike 1

Xterrain500 Electric Fat Bike 3

Xterrain500 Electric Fat Bike 4