XSV 17 ‘Thunder Child’ By Safehaven Marine

For those who do not have a sailing background, capsizing is when a boat overturns on the water. And it’s one of the most dangerous possibilities of boating. Or at least it was before Safehaven Marine introduced their XSV 17 ‘Thunder Child’ – a powerboat that’s impossible to capsize.

Seeing Thunder Child in action is quite impressive, as no matter how far over it is tipped (the demo showed up to 120 degrees), this watercraft’s incredibly buoyant, low center of gravity design gives it the ability to always right itself – making it incredibly safe for the up to 16 passengers there are inside. It’s also powered by two gargantuan Caterpillar C12.9 turbocharged, supercharged, and intercooled diesel engines capable of producing 2,000 horsepower total. That means, despite how large this ship is, it can still get up to about 62 mph over the water. This boat is also built for the long haul, with gas tanks that hold enough fuel to travel 750 nautical miles. Whether prepping for a Waterworld-type situation or just seeking out the safest seafaring vessel, you can’t do better than the Thunder Child.

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