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xScreen’s Integrated Display Turns The Xbox Series S Into A Portable Console

xScreen gon’ give it to ya… with “it” being a laptop gaming experience and “ya” being the Xbox Series S. The xScreen is a new integrated display for the Xbox Series S that transforms the console into a portable gaming device that requires no external screen.

The xScreen is designed to perfectly integrate with the Series S, creating a single, cohesive unit. It works by plugging directly into the HDMI and USB ports of the Xbox and is secured to the console via thumb-screw side latches. The xScreen is also powered by the Xbox console itself — though you’ll still need to plug into a power outlet — so there are no extra cords involved. As for the display, it’s an 11.6” screen offering 1080p resolution at 60hz with integrated stereo speakers and controls for volume, brightness, and display settings. When not in use, the screen folds down, creating a seamless console that’s easily portable. The xScreen is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, with at least $193 currently required to nab one of the devices for your own Xbox.

Kickstarter: $193+

Photo: UPspec Gaming