This Pocket GPS Can Track 30 People Without Cell Service Or Monthly Fees

While there are a lot of outdoor-focused handheld GPS devices out there, many of them come with some unfortunate downsides — like the necessity of cell service, an extremely limited range, or even hidden monthly fees. The pocket-sized XQUAD smart location tracker, however, does away with all of those issues and offers more features than even some of its paid counterparts.

You see, the XQUAD doesn’t need cell reception or Bluetooth tethering and can track up to 30 different people (via their own XQUAD device) at a time over a distance of up to 3.7 miles. That paired with its full-color touchscreen display would be enough to get us interested, but it also boasts IP67 water- and dust-resistance, a battery that’s good for up to 72 hours, and off-grid messaging from device to device. And since it uses a quartet of free-to-use satellite systems and built-in sensors, you never have to pay for the service ever. If you want to pick some of these devices up for you and your friends, you can back the project on IndieGoGo now starting at $99.

IndieGoGo: $99+