XM556 Handheld Microgun

In what could possibly be the most badass Gatling gun we’ve ever seen, Empty Shell just released the XM556 Microgun, a powerhouse of a weapon that’s engineered around a 5.56mm NATO cartridge. Purposed as a suppression weapon, it’s noticeably smaller and lighter than its predecessors, making it battle ready for whatever unfriendliness may come its way.

As a weapon, it’s meant to stand in place of anywhere high suppression fire is a likelihood without the weight or manpower needed behind the larger M134 Gatling gun systems. Therefore, it can be positioned in tighter spaces, protecting those relying on its precise accuracy. And even though it’s smaller than the current 5.56mm belt-fed Squad Automatic Weapons (weighing just 16 pounds and smaller than your traditional M4 rifle), it boasts four times the firepower. What’s also amazing about this system is that it was designed completely from the ground-up with an all new style of bolt conceived specifically for this weapon. They’re purposed to extend the life of the gun and reduce wear and tear over usage. The Microgun is sold as a complete system and buyers can invest in additional mounts and accessories if they so choose. Unfortunately, it’s not available for civilian use. You’ll have to enlist to get your hands on one of these.