XK Glow’s SAR360 LED Bar Is A Fully-Customizable Light For Your Off-Roader

When it comes to lightbar technology, nobody utilizes the industry’s finest designs better than first responders. Naturally, sectors like Search and Rescue benefit from the innovations the most, allowing remote areas that would typically be inaccessible at night to become illuminated, and enhancing their ability to save lives. Now, XK Glow’s newest project aims to bring bleeding-edge search tech to the general public, thanks to the SAR360 lightbar.

After introducing its revolutionary XKchrome APP Controlled Lights all the way back in 2015, XK Glow has continued to innovate within the space. However, its omittance of the emergency/off-road sector left a gaping hole in its catalog. To remedy this, the company set out to create the SAR360 — a fully functional, customizable lighting system that can be controlled via an intuitive SAR Controller. Users will be able to choose between either a solid, strobe, direct, search, or beam pattern, giving them the option to illuminate, scan, divert, or discover. Inside, the light bar adopts XK Glow’s proprietary multi-angle reflector design, allowing for a full 90-degree light beam, and innovative “swooping” effects that allow for abnormal light movement. Each variant will operate at 90, 180, and 270 watts, respectively, and will be available via the company’s Kickstarter for $395+.

Kickstarter: $395+