Xiaomi Yi Action Camera

GoPro invented the action camera space, and for the last decade or so, they’ve retained the crown without any real competition. That’s not to say that no one’s tried, there’s just been no one worthy of being a serious rival. Chinese smartphone maker Xiamoi is hoping to change all of that with their Yi action camera.

While it won’t compete with the more expensive models in the GoPro family, the Xiamoi (on paper at least) easily outperforms its comparable GoPro Hero counterpart. The Yi is capable of shooting 1080p at 60 frames per second, and comes equipped with a 16 megapixel Sony sensor along with 64GB of built-in storage. Also, just like its GoPro competitor, Yi will come with an accompanying mobile app alongside plenty of housing and mount options to let you do everything from shooting underwater to mounting the Yi to your pet. Now to the real selling point for Xiamoi – the price point. The Xiaomi Yi action camera retails for just $64, a much lower price point than anything GoPro currently puts out. Only problem is it’s only available in China. [Purchase]

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera 2

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera 3