Lamborghini & Xiaomi Partner For A Souped-Up Ninebot 25MPH GoKart Pro

Xiaomi seems to have its innovative fingers in everything these days, and oddly enough, that means that it’s also becoming one of the most notable names in the scooter world. After creating its very own version of the Ninebot GoKart (dubbed the Ninebot GoKart Pro), the brand has announced that it will be partnering with none other than Italy’s most prolific supercar manufacturer, Automobili Lamborghini, for an upgraded iteration with improved drifting performance.

Fashioned after Lamborghini’s various supercars, the Xiaomi “Lamborghini Edition” Ninebot GoKart Pro will feature an iconic “Giallo Orion” yellow sheen, enhanced “Ice Lake Blue” LED headlights, and a 432Wh battery pack that will allow it to conquer up to 62 400-meter laps before hitting the pit for a recharge. It improves upon the 22 mile-per-hour top speed of the original, topping out at a blistering 25mph, and boasts a set of custom tires tailored toward increased drifting capabilities. And for those who want the true Lamborghini experience, Xiaomi has you covered — the Ninebot GoKart Pro will introduce a unique engine sound profile emulation system that can replicate the various tones of a conventional Lamborghini engine. Pre-orders are currently available via Xiaomi’s website for an estimated $1,440.

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