Xero Z-Trail Sport Sandal

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Just because warmer days are among us doesn’t mean your feet need to bear the brunt of summer’s unrelenting heat while trapped inside a pair of hot hiking boots. Fortunately, Xero Shoes has worked to revolutionize the trail sandal with their incredibly lightweight Z-Trail sport sandal.

Boasting the perfect combination of protection alongside the cherished principles of comfort, flexibility, and lightweight makeup, the Xero Z-Trail could very well be the ultimate trail-friendly sandal for exploring the great outdoors. It’s all thanks to a 10mm FeelLite™ sole complete with a BareFoam™ comfort layer, TrailFoam™ force protection, and superior traction compliments of FeelTrue® rubber grip pods. Plus, with their 5,000-mile sole warranty, you’ll be enjoying superior comfort while fording rivers and streams, boulder hopping up your local highland trail, or even just cruising around town on a toasty afternoon for years to come. Available now.

Purchase: $80