XCEL’s Metal-Lined Infiniti Wetsuit Boasts Bespoke Warming Technology

As one of the surfing world’s most trusted wetsuit proprietors, XCEL has made a name for itself by maintaining its cutting-edge inventory through lauded construction, dependability, and design sense. With emergent fabric/material technologies arriving by the boatload, the brand has finally decided to update to its well-rounded catalog, courtesy of the new Infiniti LTD Wetsuit.

The XCEL Infiniti LTD wetsuit is an exercise in innovative design and promotes the recirculation of body heat while in the water, thanks to its Radiant Rebound technology. This proprietary system utilizes a bespoke metal lining that’s been placed underneath the garment’s textile layer, dissuading the incursion of cold water, and reflecting heat inward toward the surfer’s core. Triple-glued and blindstitched seams join with the suit’s revered FusionX tape to keep it water-tight, while eco-friendly water-based glue helps to ensure responsible manufacturing practices that keep the world’s oceans healthy and free of waste. Up top, the Infiniti’s Nanoprene Lite Japanese Limestone neoprene gifts surfers with industry-leading rebound and material memory, making it an attractive prospect for buyers who are looking to take their cold-water arsenal to the next level. Head to XCEL’s website, where the $300 Infiniti LTD Wetsuit is available now in a 4/3mm, 3/2mm, and 5/4mm variant.

Purchase: $300+