Xbox One S

It’s official. Microsoft leaked its new Xbox One S prior to this year’s E3 conference. Now we can confirm that the rumors were true and prepare ourselves for the whatever else makes it out of E3 by the end of the week.

The S gets its name from the “slimmer” design that’s apparent upon first glance. More importantly, however, is its improved functionality, meaning the Xbox’s 4k support will turn your high-end TV into the ultimate gaming and movie streaming conduit. When it comes to size specifically, the One S is 40 percent smaller than the original One, and can be used vertically with an official stand. Point is, it’s more portable and takes up significantly less space than the original. Additional adjustments include a USB port in the front of the console, the absence of the Kinect port, and a new controller with textured grips and Bluetooth connectivity.The 2TB version launches this August for $399 with a $299 500GB and $349 1TB version available this December. Preorder now through Amazon. [Purchase]