Xbox One Iron Man Edition

While we’re just as excited to witness the unveiling of the upgraded Xbox One at E3 this June, Microsoft France recently released what may be the coolest special edition of the gaming console yet: an Iron Man themed Xbox One. We’ve witnessed them produce similar projects in the past, such as the Halo and Call of Duty themed consoles. But this Iron Man theme looks to take the cake.

It comes in all white with an insanely customized top plate that includes an arc reactor that lights up. Microsoft claims Tony Stark helped develop the piece and by the looks of it, we’re not all that skeptical. Even the controller was customized with a unique power button that alludes to the famous power arc. Regarding purchasing this item, we’re not sure whether or not it will even be made available. Currently, your best shot is get one of the three that are being given away on by Microsoft France on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Microsoft hasn’t officially stated whether or not they plan to let anyone purchase on a mass scale as of publication.