Xbox Design Lab

Since it was first announced, the web has been buzzing with news of the updated Xbox One S coming down the pipe. Will it be worth the money? How much more powerful will it be? We can’t answer those questions for sure – but we do know one thing: the controllers are getting a major overhaul. How much of one you ask? Just check out the brand new Xbox Design Lab.

Not only do these controllers feature a grippy back, more precise joysticks, and Bluetooth connectivity, but they’re available in up to 8 million different color combinations. For not that much more than a new controller, you can change the design of almost every single part of the handset. You can even get your own personalized engraving for a few extra bucks. Say goodbye to paying loads of money for custom shops to turn these out for you. Prices start at $80. [Purchase]

Xbox Design Lab 1

Xbox Design Lab 2

Xbox Design Lab 3