Xbox Adaptive Controller

Modern gaming controllers are leaps and bounds better than, say, the old Atari-style joysticks of retro game consoles. The only problem: they’re designed for able-bodied people with 10 fingers on each hand. And if you know anyone even remotely differently-abled, that can be a huge detractor from the gaming experience. Thankfully, however, Microsoft has just unveiled the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

Designed for the Xbox One, this sleek minimalist controller would be a gorgeous piece of hardware even if it didn’t exist for a good cause. But what’s even cooler is exactly how inclusive this device is. On top of having standalone capabilities, this gaming controller also has a wealth of ports – which range from several different USBs to an array of 3.5mm jacks – that allow differently-abled gamers to completely customize the functionality of the controller. Now, folks ranging from amputees to those with muscular dystrophy and everyone in-between can also enjoy next-gen games. It will sell soon for $100 each.

Purchase: $100