Xander Cage’s 1967 Pontiac GTO

In case you missed the cinematic masterpiece that is XXX, allow us to give you a rundown. Vin Diesel plays Xander Cage, an extreme sports professional turned adrenaline-fueled secret operative working with the NSA to help stop a mercenary group of former Russian soldiers from releasing a biochemical weapon upon the world. Awesome, right? In the film, Xander Cage gets his hands on a tricked out purple 1967 Pontiac GTO – loaded with spy gear like a harpoon gun, parachute seats, and an ejectable roof. Now, with the release of the upcoming sequel XXX: The Return of Xander Cage fast approaching, Turo is giving you a chance to drive it.

Sure, none of the onboard gadgets are actually functional and the absurd number of dials and electronics are just for show, but this is for all intents and purposes a screen-accurate version of Xander’s badass car. In fact, it’s even still missing the headlight rockets and ejectable roof, which were both ditched over the course of the movie. So, if you’re a Vin Diesel fanatic; you’re in the Tuscon, Arizona area through the 15th or Los Angeles, California to close out the month; and you don’t mind dropping the $999 a day that it costs, you can rent this bad boy and take it for a spin. [Purchase]