X-Jets Jetblade

The next addition to your arsenal of fun in the ocean is here. Introducing the X-Jets Jetblade, a new device that allows its users to feel the thrill of hydro flight, allowing them to stand and balance on a board in mid-air over a body of water.

It’s an accessible and mostly safe way for a flying-like experience. Basically, it works like a water-propelled jetpack, but instead of being attached to your back, it’s attached at your feet. Users stand in a set of boots that are attached to the device, which will propel them into the air using hydro power. Aquatic adventures are propelled up to three stories above the sea’s surface, and can stay in the air ranging from 15 to 30 minutes. So if you’re looking for new thrills, it’s available now starting at $2,795. See it in action below. [Purchase]

X-Jets Jetblade 2