Wrensilva’s Loft Is An All-In-One Hi-Fi Media Console For Small Spaces

Wrensilva’s unique audiophilic platforms have helped the company carve a swathe through the world of at-home entertainment, and with an emphasis on rustic design, it’s no wonder that the brand’s lauded pieces are highly sought after. The only issue is that the majority of its offerings are too large for small, compact spaces, including dorm rooms, office areas, or apartments. Now, the brand has addressed that issue with its very own Loft console.

Designed as a more versatile counterpart to the company’s larger consoles, the Loft Stereo has been devised in such a way as to encompass all of the timeless character, tech, and poise that has made Wrensilva so popular, without having to worry about the amount of free space within your room. The brand’s lauded solid-state preamp, two-way bass-reflex speakers, and premium drivers allow for high-fidelity streaming from your favorite, Bluetooth-savvy MP3 device, as well as any apps or music services that you frequent on a regular basis. Since it also includes a fully-decoupled Pro-Ject turntable, you’ll even be able to throw on your favorite vinyl records. Of course, this is all housed within Wrensilva’s beautifully-contrived enclosure, which calls upon North American Walnut and Ebonized Oak for an air of vintage rusticism. Head to the company’s website to pick up one of your own for $4,999.

Purchase: $4,999