Wraptie Multifunction Straps

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Whether you’re traveling abroad or just need to transport some oversized gear from the worksite, tie-down straps are a necessity for keeping your goods (and others) safe while in transit. That’s where Wraptie comes in — offering all the strength of a tradition tie-down but with a convenient edge.

It’s all thanks to their infinitely adjustable fastening system that secures in seconds in conjunction with both an auto-grab feature for fast daily use and a fast-grab end that affixes to any point. Also, a construction free from metal buckles or hooks along with their Tail End Tidy feature that saves time after securely strapping your cargo isn’t a bad look either. To top it all off, each Wraptie Multifunction Strap utilizes recycled plastic bottles in their high-tension industrial grade elasticized webbing construction for a clean conscience at all times. Available now in several length options and load ratings.

Purchase: $29+